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This is a conversation between Issei Hyūga and a guy named Yagura .

Isekai Hyūga: This is Issei Hyūga.

Yagura: Hello. How you doin’?
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Issei Hyūga: Yeah, just fine.

Yagura: And you’ve got a great eye.

Yagura: Well there, now that you mention it.

Isekai Hyūga: Haha. So you’ve been training in the art of hand to hand combat?

Yagura: Yeah. You mean like, do you like to kill?

Yagura: I know. And I did just that today. But I was so shocked when I stabbed the other guy, so much that I just stopped.

Issei Hyūga: Oh, no that’s not good

Yagura: It’s fine. As long as everything is done under a single hand, I’m fine.

Issei Hyūga: Really? That’s very nice of you.

Yagura: Thank you. But you know, it’s not fun to just fight one-on-one. That’s why I trained a little bit around the house until I could handle my attacks. In fact it was my mother whom taught me how to handle one-on-one combat, back in the day I had to go to my old man to ask for this so my mother didn’t have to tell him that I was training to fight as best as I could. But you know what I need. I need time. I’m a thief.

Yagura: I see. I never heard of thieves until just now. I haven’t been able to kill anybody at all in my life, and I need to make some money. And I was born and raised in the kingdom so I know how to make my own money. It’s pretty simple. I just need one person to kill me before someone finds out about what I’m doing here.

Isekai Hyūga: …So you know, your mother always taught you things.

Yagura: Yeah, like “kill by throwing rocks. It’s the quickest way to get your prey.”

Yagura: There’s a guy named Akiba, okay.

Yagura: He goes around here killing a lot of people. But I haven’t gotten to kill

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