How do you draw a Ford logo? – How To Draw Cars Like A Pro Drawing Instruction Youtube

This image isn’t exactly what you’d expect (click to enlarge for a better look…):

Well, they’re done, anyway. There is no doubt, to anyone who has been following the Ford company’s evolution, that Ford has undergone many “brand shifts” during the last three decades. But there are still a few familiar elements. Ford’s “F-150” name has been around since 1953 and has had a long association with the brand. Today, its popularity has expanded with the introduction of a new and possibly larger truck, the F-150 XLT truck. The design has been simplified since the introduction, but the “F-150” itself has changed very little.

But when this image (above) was submitted to Ford, the company didn’t use it as an example of a brand change or a change in branding as the usual “new” Fords do, but as an example of the use of the “T” name for a particular vehicle’s body type.

That, indeed, it is a “T” truck! The truck shown here was built around 2004 and uses the “T” body style as shown below. The company notes that they also offer a version of this truck that uses a different body style, but the difference is subtle.

With that, let’s look at the other three Ford-branded cars in the image.
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This is the F-150, again, but with a slight styling difference. This truck was built as a late model, 2003 model, and then used as its “new” body style for 2008. The truck shown here used the “T” body shape for years with it’s new “T” truck design.

Ford’s SOHC Fusion 4MATIC 4WD Truck is also a vehicle “with two heads”, and this truck is the successor to the Fusion’s front engine, right front-passenger crossover, which used to be called the 4X4. The truck pictured here is the 2013 Fusion 4MATIC, or “T”. Like the truck pictured above, it’s a front-passenger crossover, and is similar in size and general appearance to the 4X4 pickup shown below. The crossover body design is similar to the crossover used since the 1960’s as shown, but it seems like this truck does not use it for its body style as its “T” body style.

It’s interesting to note, though, that the Ford F-150 truck shown on the image is similar in

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