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You make it big and then you get it out there in public, like a movie. It’s been very popular, so it’s very difficult to get it out there. The elephant, they’ve got a lot to worry about. You know, I’ve seen them in Africa. They’re more social than you think. They’re like animals, they get along and that’s the nice thing about elephants and other primates is that when you go and get a monkey, it’s quite easy to get it, because if some ape came along and took that ape, I’m not sure it would be as strong as that monkey would become.”

He said he could not discuss plans to work with animals on his show but “it’s going to keep on happening” in the future.

‘If you do, they don’t come with a ticket’
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In a statement, the BBC said Mr Jones worked on the show “for a total of nine years”.

“Mr Jones has the right to be paid for all those years of work,” the statement read.

Image caption Jones was described as a “gentle giant” by director Chris Nolan

“Mr Jones has a total obligation to provide a full and correct performance. The BBC will be seeking a ruling on Mr Jones’s claims to ensure this process is consistent with those of his other employees.

“Mr Jones will be provided with the opportunity to make his claim in person.”

A BBC spokeswoman added: “The corporation’s own guidelines set out that any employment issue is to be resolved through the normal means of dispute resolution, which is to be dealt with by the employment tribunal.”

Jones, 52, is an actor, best known for roles in films such as The Chronicles of Narnia and Batman Begins.

The Federal Election Commission is under fire for allegedly failing to conduct investigations or prevent potential violations of financial neutrality rules after it discovered a network of corporate entities affiliated with conservative watchdog groups failed to notify the agency about more than $5 million in expenditures between November 2011 and September 2013.

The FEC has already launched an investigation into the matter and issued a cease and desist order to the groups, the Center for Campaign Finance and Public Policy Research, and the advocacy group Concerned Veterans for America. The agencies are seeking to recover any costs by June 27, and the complaint notes that the entities involved made an “error in judgment.”

“The FEC must make it clear to [any] organizations that it is not going to

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