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A little, but that’s all you really need at the table.”

A girl of 16 or so and a good-looking fellow like me were on my table. She asked my name and asked me a series of questions before her.

They weren’t exactly easy, and I had to keep telling her it was easy.

“Okay, one of the most common of these kinds of questions is when to ask something and how to get them to say something the easy way,” she explained to me once I had learned how to make a question a series of yes or no questions in response

“This girl asked you ‘when to ask something’ to make sure you would ask it the easy way. Then she asked where you should place your hands when they answer a question in that manner…which is a question of how you answer.”

I was surprised by this.

“Oh wow…you just taught me how to make a question sound like an answer, I wasn’t expecting that,” she said when I shared this knowledge with her.

Later that evening it occurred to me that there were all sorts of questions I could have asked her, but didn’t because the easy way was to just get her to do anything she wanted. I wondered about this as I kept having thoughts about what it would take to answer her questions.

These thoughts kept bothering me and I thought about the time when I didn’t think a question was a question at first. It occurred to me, then I thought back to a book by Dr. Stephen LaBerge “How to Know It’s a Question”: “One way to learn a question is to ask yourself and the person listening whether you’re satisfied with the answer, and then again, whether you’d like to add more information to the answer. If the latter is the answer, the question must be answered in a formal, grammatical way.”

I realized this meant I had to make sure answers to questions were grammatical and grammatical answers were true answers for the reason given in How to Know It’s a Question. So I did just that, but there was a problem.

That is, the “formal, grammatical way” was not for a girl asking me questions, it was for me not speaking English.

This is the hardest problem in conversationalism because it is a direct consequence of the fact that you will always speak first when you speak.

The language we speak is not our own language. It

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