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You need a character that is easy to see. She has to be attractive at the start, attractive and charming at the beginning, then attractive and charming later on. You need a woman who is easy to laugh at but eventually, she’s very much of a woman.

A girl who is very seductive to start is easy enough for you to see. A girl who is seductive to end is much more difficult. This is why I suggest that your primary character be easy, and that you keep on drawing her as you do. After drawing her, she will almost always change completely around the time you are using her. That is why I recommend that you keep on drawing her.

A nice thing about being a woman writer is that you start off as easy characters. By the time you have established your female characters very thoroughly, she should be very difficult to see on the page. As a writer, you have a great advantage.

Once she has been written down, she may change a lot; it’s okay. You’re only working on them until you reach the end. Once you have her, you have to write her with her as easily as possible.

If you have a good idea of a character’s personality, you will easily see them easily. If you don’t have a good feel for that character, you will often have to take your time putting them in the page.

What does it mean to “write a woman?” The word means to make a woman into something she will never know she was going to be, into things to write about for a book, for a website, for a blog…
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A good writer does not write an easy woman. A successful writer does not write an easy woman. The woman I want to write is someone who is very attractive to start, very charming at the start, and who will change around the time in that direction. For that kind of woman, you’ll make them very hard to see, very difficult to write, very hard to understand. You will create a woman who is not easy, but you will be making her hard, hard, hard to see. Because that is what I do when I tell men they must have “interesting women.”

So, now the question is, if you are a man, and you are drawing your own female characters, is this what a “woman” is supposed to be? I would strongly suggest to any man that if he is an amateur author he is doing it wrong. Women are

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