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Do you get the lighting from the lightbox or do you build it? Are you using the lightbox? Or are you painting the lighting?

I work with a big lightbox in my studio, and I use that for most of my shots, because it has this built-in LED that I can work with. After the photos are finished, when they go to my computer, I go straight to the lightbox and I have all the lights set up and it gives me the ability to do that. I have lots of different lightbulbs and different combinations for different shots, so I have the ability to work with different lighting to come up with a mood.

What camera do you use?

I use a C90, and I use what I would call medium format in one form or another. I just go with the idea of having a medium format camera that I use for this. I’m trying to do the same with The Dark Knight: The Golden Age, where I really wanted to use a film camera.

It’s tough not to think about how your film might appeal to someone, but at the same time I think your films don’t seem to appeal to the audience as much as what you’re doing now with the Batman stories that you’re doing. Is that fair?

Well, I think when you look at my films we’re about the same age as The Dark Knight, and I think The Dark Knight has made a lot of people think about film. I think everybody thinks about it and has their own opinion on it. I don’t know if I have that effect. I think my films are still young and there’s still an age difference between me and people. Even people in their prime now, they’re still growing up. I’ve seen people in their 20’s. Sometimes your films might make them feel old, but at the same time, my films are young. I don’t think I’ve made a statement by what I’ve done. It’s more just that I’m so excited to make these kinds of films. It’s more of a surprise because I don’t know what to expect from this kind of stuff. I’m just so happy with it.

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