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A lion is like a dragon. You can’t see, you can’t hear, all the things are like that.”

“When I was in elementary school, the one thing I did not understand was gravity, you can’t feel it. I was like a monkey, you know, I couldn’t sense anything, you know. You could feel it. But as I grew up and I became a man, I understood gravity, but I could not feel it.”

“When a boy meets a girl, her eyes tell him she’s beautiful, and he finds himself attracted. He begins a passionate journey, which culminates when the boy’s eyes are forced out from between her breasts because the girl had gotten too big for her body. The boy is attracted, he’s in love, his eyes are made to match the girl. So when you meet a girl you can’t help but love. You get very sad then because when you love a girl, she doesn’t give up her breasts and she’ll keep on growing. And the more you love her and the bigger her breasts are, the bigger your love is. I have to admit this happens quite a bit… But for the first couple of times you don’t recognize it at all, you just have an affinity for the girl, and they have very big breasts. They’ve got something in common with me. The second couple of times you want to ask what she’s got in common with me, but you’re afraid you’re going to be told something that’s not true.”

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“That’s the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard, what I mean when I say that is something that’s almost as good as the song I wrote for my mother. When she was dying, I played her the track, and it was so beautiful you could never describe it. When I was eleven, the track, I can’t remember its title, was the song I wrote for her. I wanted to be her mother. And I think her parents found it when they checked on her from across the country, the song was called ‘My Heart and Her Heart’ and it sounded like ‘Your Girlfriend’s Gotta Have It.’ That’s what I mean. Like my Mother, you know, she had a kind of a way with words because she’s from Spain. Her voice is very heavy. It was very special.”

“It’s like they think it’s a joke, but it’s like nothing that’s ever been done, the best album I don’t

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