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“They have a hump on the back with a long tail, with its body, belly, and legs going from the hip. The front of the body is a long curve, with short, round feet. The nose is a hump, with a short, flat nose. The hair on its head is short and white with very coarse fur.”

In the days when people could get away with saying these things without consequence, these weren’t just the opinions of the “old boys’ school,” they were things considered respectable by the whole country.

The most important and revealing statement in the first part of the chapter of “Man and the Red Man” was made by the famous Red Men, the Black Men, whose real name is Negro—who were called “the Negroes.” According to the legend, they were brought to Africa about 500 years ago and were taken as slaves to other areas from the Atlantic coast to the Himalayas and then further south to the South Pacific.

The Negroes told the old white man that if he made a mistake he would be the first to be hung. They would then lead him to their home and be killed. So, the old man made many mistakes, but still they never killed him. They then hung him over the tree, where they will always be hanging. (p. 44)

It was a long time ago; and now a man knows what he does.

A similar case with “Little Brother” is given by Black Man Number Two:

The last man, I have told you about, was his son-in-law. He was well known in Africa, and I am told he was a very high chief there. He is said to have been a man in the family or one of the senior leaders, while his wife had become a slave.

The first we ever heard of him was in the East Indies, and he is thought to have been the first to use the name “Little Brother.” The story goes that he was brought into the West Indies along with a great many other slaves, and he became very rich. The Indians called him “Brother,” and said he was the greatest of all their chiefs. A number, however, were found to be of inferior rank and were sent back into Africa.

About two or three years since a man came who was quite of a noble complexion, and so called himself “Brother.” To him we were told that he had been given the name “Little Brother,” and that he

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