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The llama is the most recognized and most widely seen of all the wild animals in North America. I am an avocational photographer for four years, and have taken countless pictures from coast to coast. I know from my own experience that it takes a lot of time to make a decent picture of a llama, and a few people may question my commitment. But I have put my heart and soul into my work and want to share my work to the American public.

You’ve received several awards from the United States Army, but how important was photographing the troops to you?

It is an honor to see the American troops take photo portraits from the front line as I have during my four years of military photographer duty. I appreciate the opportunity to capture their camaraderie and to show a human-nature connection that I’ve never seen before. The troops are also a vital part of North American culture, particularly for younger generations. The U.S. Army’s National Military Heritage Program and National Service Program provide opportunities for Army soldiers across the country, including troops in our front-line units, to create their own images. Many of my military photographs are based on interviews with the soldiers I work with, and I have learned a lot from these experiences.

What did your photography background help to form your interest in capturing the wild life of North America?

Photographing wild animals can be seen as a kind of therapy for my depression. I grew up surrounded by nature, and saw it as a source of hope and joy. While I still remember as a child being fascinated by the natural world, I saw it as a kind of burden of oppression and destruction. While I have always wanted to show the world the beauty and beauty of wild animals, it wasn’t until I took a photography class at Ohio University that I was able to actually look at these animals in person and realize how much nature can impact us in a positive fashion. At that point, I started taking more pictures and began photographing many new species of wild life from a more scientific point of view.

I have taken many pictures of many new species of birds and animals such as skunks, raccoons, deer, and otters. While photographing these animals with my Nikon D700, I learned that most of these animals are just like us and need to be protected for their own sake. I also learned how different species vary greatly in their behavior, appearance, and social structure. I started to see how these animals

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