How do you draw a Mustang easy? – How To Draw Cars Step By Step Easy Braids For Long Hair

In an instant, no problem. We did it myself!”

“We don’t do that on a regular basis,” she replies, sounding amused. “You just tell us the direction, and we’ll do the rest.”

Huffing, Taylor starts up the engine and the SUV starts rolling away, heading toward their car. She watches for the light of a police car pulling up behind the SUV, and then looks down at her phone, watching Taylor’s face for a moment.


“Yeah?” she chuckles, the laugh barely audible.

“…How’s your mom?”

“She said she was fine. She said she was doing better than she’s ever been. And she said she thought the paramedics were overreacting. She just needed some time. And so do I, y’know?”

Taylor leans back, making sure to keep the front wheels off the ground as they speed down the street towards the car they intend to try and steal. There’s at least thirty feet between them and the police car, and it takes less than a second to get to Taylor’s car when they start up.

A light, flashing blue police car pulls up to the front of the car and the door unlocks.

“Oh hello police,” Taylor says to the officer, who is wearing a tuxedo, but that was the only costume she had on. “So what’s the case?”

“Well, we received a call, a call about a subject who was on the run. He’s wanted in New Orleans. New Orleans police. He’s obviously known to the police. We’re here to take him into custody. Have you got a vehicle?”

Taylor gives him a confused look. He nods; he’s a plainclothes officer with no badge, except for that one time she got in a fight outside a bar on the first day of high school. She doesn’t really care for his uniform, or her look, but then again…

It’s not like she’s a criminal. “What exactly do you need a vehicle for, though?”

“Well first, our partner has a friend whose car had been wrecked the last couple days. She’s missing the right front seat, and she’s on the phone with a cop. So, uh, he said if we can get a tow from him at some point. And we need to make sure he doesn’t get killed and we’re not gonna get a

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