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For many years many Mustang enthusiasts have found the hard way that after running their Mustang to the moon they found that they actually had the engine back when they needed it most! After using various approaches, including doing a thorough cleaning with a cleaner such as K&N, then reinstalling the plastic, it turns out that the metal was not the problem.

It turns out that the power transmission and the air bags were not in good shape, and they had been working to no avail. This led to the engine starting to show up in a lot of cars that were not originally serviced, and after getting to the point where the problem was serious enough that they got the engine out and back in there with the air bags, the engines did not return. This guide gives you a method of removing the transmission and air bags and returning the engine to a properly serviced condition.

We will start with the metal portion of the transmission as it is the most challenging part to remove from the car and can easily cause serious damage.

For this guide we will use the following methods:
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Tie the bolts holding the transmission to the car together.

Remove the two lower bolts and the two bolts holding the metal portion of the box to the chassis.

Remove the plastic covers that cover the metal portion of the box.

Install the plastic covers onto the metal portion of the box. If removing the plastic covers is not possible then you will just use a thin metal wire and attach it to a bolt and you are good to continue.

Install the new plastic covers over the metal.

If you have a power steering pump and have access to a drill and some small socket heads you can cut the plastic sections off on the power steering pump. In my experience with my car I was able to cut off the plastic bolts on top and below the power steering pump for removing as well as for reinstallation when the pump was not needed.

Here we are removing the two bolts holding the two halves of the transmission together, this is what will allow us to take the metal portion of the car and run a wire back to the motor so we can get the air bags working properly. This will free up the two bottom-most bolts.

Remove the cover, with

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