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Well, here’s a good question. Why?

My first big job was at a horse show. The show was in a hotel on a strip mall in New Orleans. The owner of the group of horses, the owner of the show, and other horse owners were all there and the show was being watched by people from various places around town.

I was in charge of the horses, and the owners were watching the show from across the water. The group consisted of some really nice looking horses and they had a lot going on. But the man across from me was talking to the horses, he was making sure everyone had what they needed, and he was taking pictures for a magazine, that we would later work for.

I had been at a race one day and I had come in late. I was just a little late. But the race director was waiting and he said, “Here, I have the pictures you need.”

There was a big box of slides. He had taken them.

And one of them was of a horse. And I was told to get down to the show room and put everything down on the table. I took it all off.

Then something else happened that morning. This was about five in the afternoon. A lot of the horses were eating breakfast and they all had breakfast in the same room. There was a little girl running around the yard, with a big plate of eggs in her mouth.

A horse came down and he was walking around. He stood there eating the eggs in front of everybody. And then a voice came out of the crowd, “Hello Mr. Pony”

Now, here was someone we all knew. I had seen him before. And we were like, oh yeah, I know him.

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He’s a real cool guy. This is someone we really look up to. I asked him if he could talk to the horses. So he did.

He sat down next to the horses. And he explained to the horses why the horses had to come out of the barn and that he had a little voice in his head which told him this was needed.

I asked him why he had done what he had done. He said “To give us some love.” He was just a quiet, kind guy.

He put the picture up. And the show director put a few more pictures across the pool table. Then the owners sat down, and then the horses started sitting back down

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