How do you draw a race car? – Concept Car Sketches

We draw our cars first and then we take a look at all the possibilities that are left. When we know the idea, we get a very good idea of what is the car. The big challenge is the details that need to be right – in order for it to be ready. We do not think in terms of race cars. When one has a design, other things such as the layout, the suspension, the body and the engine are important aspects. In order to get the most out of a race car, we have to take a lot of things into account. We do a lot of calculations to figure that out because even a small detail can have an impact on the aerodynamics.

How is the car set up to run on the straights at Le Mans?

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We have to look at the car in the corners. The track is one of the dimensions we have to take into consideration. We know what car it is. For the corner, if the car is fast, we would prefer to go into the pit lane and find out who did the lap. If we know the car in the corner, we can plan on the following corner. If there’s an emergency we will have to go in the pit lane immediately. We know this from experience and in our team the experience of Formula 1. We work well together so we understand everything in advance and we will prepare the race car beforehand. From the first thing to the last point of the weekend, the car is sorted. From the first second to the last second there are a lot of considerations that may change, but then that is all there is to it. When the race starts, the drivers are in the pits and the engine is at full throttle. So if a mistake occurs, we will pull the engine back from the engine bay to get that out of the way and then we can have the cars running together. At Le Mans we want to let the race go as smoothly as possible. That is because we know all the drivers very well – what kind of car they like to drive, what kind of pace they are in. It is great to be working for a manufacturer like Ferrari – to be involved in a competition with someone like Red Bull – it’s a great pleasure.

When does the first lap of testing begin?

It starts the very first day with a test at 5am. The test days are very long because we have to work on the car continuously during the two days. The first day at the track can take around

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