How do you draw a race car? – How To Draw Cars Step By Step Pictures To Make Paper Gun

We don’t draw races, we draw cars.

[Laughing] We draw cars. That’s how, you know, we do things. It has no meaning to any of them except for being a racing game. I know because I get it. That’s how they learn to make racing games.

So, is it a fair assessment to say that, in part, the reason you have such a small studio on board has to do with the success of what you’ve done? The games are doing well.

Exactly. We started with very modest ambitions about having a proper studio. All that money came later to us. My philosophy has always been that the best place to make games is to have a team of 20 working on it. If you can’t pay people to work on it, that’s not a good place to do it. We didn’t really want to make games. We made games. And the games do not have much significance to the studio except we’re making them. There’s not much to say.

I guess one reason you’ve been able to keep it so small is that you’ve been very aggressive with what you make, even when it comes to the things you can’t make.

That’s right. We don’t really have a system that I’m aware of, where we say, “You make a game for $50, it’s $40, you just make another game that’s the same thing, for $50”, so for me that’s a big issue.

What have you learnt from the success of Halo?
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We learnt that. You don’t just create games and expect that they will work. A lot of times it’s just about creating something that people like. I am a huge fan of Halo and I think Halo is a very special franchise, particularly because it has a clear set of rules for it that I can play that help shape it. I’ve watched a lot of the Halo movies. I love the design of the games; I love the mechanics of Halo; it’s a great franchise. I think it’s got something for everyone, regardless if you are into shooters or not.

There’s a lot of excitement amongst fans, some of whom have been waiting a long time to see more Destiny.

A lot of people can’t wait to make that game. They’re waiting for the next Mass Effect, or something like that. They’re waiting for the next Assassin’s Creed, for example. We’ve

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