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It’s something I’ve tried to learn. I always try to have at least a concept in my head as to how it would work and the way I would design it. It’s not really in my control to have a very large ship or a small fleet. But I try to draw it as if you were a pirate captain and you were trying to make a vessel that could take on a bunch of ships, that could keep going and that was dangerous and that they could actually be killed but you wanted them to keep going because you saw them as prey and the reason for that was to have as many battles as possible because your ship was constantly in combat. I try to go into it in the same way; I want to create a lot of battle scenes but I know that this ship will never have that lot of battle scenes but it would have those combat ones, so I try to go from there.

How do you make sure the ships look believable, even when your artists are creating the ships? It’s not so much about what you see or the actual ship itself, but as a team we make sure we’re all on the same page and we have a very good understanding of what the ship is like in terms of how it looks and it’s going back and forth between concept and painting. I know that I’ve done an amazing job in a few of those pictures you see here and they are all very convincing.

What are the three biggest challenges facing designers working with large-scale scale models and ships? I think it is a tremendous challenge for any artist, but I think there are certain things on a ship that are more difficult, in fact, one that I found to be the largest challenge is making sure that the hull looks correct and it’s not like the last thing that I did. One of the things that we try to do is as the crew get in the ship we’re going from the top down so the first thing you see is the cockpit, and then the first thing you see is the bow but then you have the stern, and then you have the upper deck. And then the main cockpit is right next to it. The cockpit and the bow are really the key parts of the ship. They’re going to give you your information about what is going on on the ship at all times.

That’s a really great example of a thing that I’ve learned, which is that we want to find those problems to fix first. As we go forward with the ship I want to make sure that

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