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This is how I did it. It’s actually pretty challenging with a lot of hand drawing and computer magic. And the more I drew, the more people who wanted it for myself. It’s all over the internet and it’s amazing. The people I drew in the most requested tanks were:

– King Tiger from Panzer Corps,

– Tiger Panther from Panzer Guren,

– Tiger I from Panzer Guren,

– Tiger IV from Panzer IV Ausf. A,

– Tiger Mk.III,

– KV-1 from Panzer III Ausf. A/B/C,

– M4 Sherman from the “Struggle Through The Cold” book series,

– M37 Patton tank (from my own tank collection):

1. Tank from Panzer Guren.

2. Leopard 3 from Panzer Guren.

3. Leopard 2 from Panzer Guren.

4. Leopard 1 from Panzer Guren.

5. M24 Chaffee from Panzer Guren.


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