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Draw a truck! So, the truck here would have the wheels and a truck would be attached to that. A truck is a truck. Now that we have the wheeled body together, how do we put it on this thing? Here comes the tricky part, you know, I’m drawing on, this is gonna cut down on the costs. Here we have a truck, and you got the wheels. So, this is a truck. When we put the wheels on the truck, I’m gonna cut down the cost. You have got to remove what you wouldn’t need and put in what you would and put, and put that together. And with this, I would have, all these will be, will be part, I’ll have one piece coming out. We have put on, here’s the wheels. Now we have put on that. And here’s the truck. The whole truck, all these parts can be put together. That’s why we have to use different types of trucks, different wheels. Here, the wheels are going to be, come out. We have cut out the tires. But, for now let’s get on to the real trucks, the real trucks. Now, one of the most important parts is, you know, the front, because as I showed you, if you want a good, a safe, safe, safe truck, and you gotta have good tires, you gotta have good wheels, you better have a real truck. Now you can tell me if you want a safe? You know, it’s just, it’s the same thing. You gotta have a safe truck. It’s a good truck. But when you turn the key, there’s no real safety. When you turn the key, and you go, “Okay, well, it’s safe” it’s a safe truck. Now that you have gone through it, there are a number of things in this book, there are a number of things you can do with these books. You can use them as little kids, they’ll sit there and you’re, I mean, “This is a book, if you put this in your backpack it’s safe.” That’s not, that’s not the whole story, that’s part of the whole story. It’s a fun, the whole story, it’s just, that’s how to draw the truck. OK. So, the truck, there are a number of different kind of trucks and different cars and different pieces to them, but what really matters is that they’re
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