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How much are they going to pay you for your time?”

In April 2013, I asked my fellow artists how I should go about doing an urban cartography project. They responded in different ways. Some suggested I take over the space from an artist at Funtastic, but we eventually decided on a friend named Jeff, who does an awesome job with the space every day. Jeff said, “Let’s just call it something stupid like ‘Urban Landscape,'” then got serious about the project. I said, “Well, I don’t really think we should do that, either. We’re going to have to draw something. Can you draw some drawings by phone?” He did. The first one I drew was “The Fuzz Truck,” and it’s a little something I did just for the fun. The second was a couple of sketches for people who wanted them and didn’t get to read it until I called the next day. So now on the fourth day, it happened: Jeff, a guy with two kids, took my drawing and drew the Fuzz Truck on his phone, and posted them to the art site we both work in. I thought he was brilliant.

There are all kinds of stories. One time, for another art assignment of mine, I made a map with a big fat box in the middle of the Midwest. I decided there wasn’t enough time to map for all the towns in a region (it took over a week, and I forgot to stop and map every town), so I just drew out the boxes in the middle. One day the cartoonists got there and they were all over it; when I got back two days later I got an email inviting me to lunch at a cafe near the city I made the map at. We ended up talking and he explained that he liked cartoons and cartooning in particular and recommended it to me. I made a map to show them that I liked what he had to say. The next day I found this guy who told me to stop being so hasty and get my work out and publish it. I do that now every now and then to give someone credit or to share with people what they’re doing. Jeff had that idea as well. There’s really no better way to start making connections then to get something out there into a world that’s likely to love you. You’re not really being creative when you’re drawing a cartoon. You’re just drawing something, and it’s a pretty good excuse to let your imagination play in.
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