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I did!” (H/T: The Wall Street Journal)

The city’s “docklands” will be a “new world”, writes Michael Leveille

The city is a city of docklands and a city that’s not “trucking in everything”, says Michael Leveille.

It’s a great city, a great city, a great city. We could write a book.

We could have a great place to live. We could build a new world in the Docklands.

A London, a Docklands, and a new kind of city and country.

A London and a Docklands that won’t be driven in its entirety by the market, in its stead driven around by a social contract.

A London and a Dockside, a City of the Future, that’s not just about the financial sector, is a city now. The Docklands has not been a city for the rich for years.

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It’s not just a place to make money and a city where everyone knows what they’re doing. It’s a city that’s been an open platform for people to come together, to live, to be themselves and to create an independent, vibrant, creative city where everyone could feel at home.

A city that has been driven around the economic crisis by a social contract, to support the community.

It’s a city that’s been driven around in it’s entirety.

It seems like a fairly simple proposition, that we’ve got some city that hasn’t been based on the market, but a city that can be. A city that’s driven around the world.

The docklands, it seems like a city of Docklands.

A beautiful vision of an idealised London – a London that is different, but not different enough. A London that’s a place where everyone feels at home.

That world is a good place to live. It will be beautiful and it will be a place that is inclusive. It’ll be able to bring people together and get them to feel at home.

It’ll be a true “hometown” for London.

It will become a country-of-origin, where people are all proud of what they are and a place where people are proud of themselves.

A place where no one wants to get left behind.

So, to those young families living on the periphery – who have to work harder, who can’t afford to live

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