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The only one I would suggest would be a flatbed with a frame on one side, a door on the other, and a truck on the frame side so you can move it without knocking it. This way you can go in and get stuff like your car, and take the stuff you don’t want before you get back to your hotel.”

The U.S. Navy was using drones aboard its ships to provide intelligence and surveillance to allies in the Asia-Pacific region. According to documents provided to The Intercept by the whistleblower website WikiLeaks, and confirmed by several officials and news organizations, those drones are now “in the process of being decommissioned.”

In the documents, released over a four-month period as part of a series on the U.S. military’s drone programs, the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet and a team of contractors identified areas of “high interest” to its Asia-Pacific allies. Two of the areas of concern — the South China Sea and the Malacca Strait — are considered hot spots for maritime disputes, particularly if the U.S. seeks a greater share of the region’s oil and other resource resources from Beijing.

These drones were first deployed in the region in late 2013 to provide the U.S. military with a variety of surveillance capabilities for the U.S. Pacific Air Forces and U.S. military allies on the continent. Although the number, frequency, and location of those drone flights has varied widely over time, they typically take place at a U.S. military base in Australia, on land in the Philippines, or on a floating platform at Diego Garcia, a military base in the Indian Ocean.

WikiLeaks says that, in February 2015, the U.S. Navy began using “Crown Colony” drones from the 5th Fleet to conduct surveillance and other missions on the South China Sea, where Japan and China have competing claims. Two months later, in August 2015, the Navy was using the Crown Colonies aboard its warships and surface ships for similar missions in the Malacca Strait. A U.S. defense official confirmed to The Intercept that those drone flights had taken place.


In September 2015, the Navy began using its C-12A Galaxy surveillance aircraft for a similar sort of use. In each case the Navy was flying the aerial surveillance operations over the same areas of interest that appear in the documents identified by WikiLeaks. The U.S. military’s Defense Department is currently conducting a review on the use

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