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I don’t know.


SAGAL: So a couple of years ago, you were in Paris, or a big conference.

BECK: Yeah, very big conference. It got to be big all right. That was, like I’ll never forget the moment where they announced some sort of new airport, like we used to get here every 10 or 20 years. And everybody in the audience, my guests included, who wasn’t American, and were in fact Europeans, and who was like well, you know, you haven’t seen the city and you can’t really go through the airport because of that and stuff like that. And so my guests and I were all dressed up like soldiers in our underwear, like in our uniforms, and we were on a bus and it was like you know, it was like, like, the last 20 years of the world. And he announced the building and it was like it was – it was like they were – we had all been sitting in the back of the bus at the airport and the doors open, and we were all going to be going across Paris.

And the bus we had in the back and we couldn’t get to the first one because the first bus to get out of the train station was on the way over the Seine. And so it was like the bus is waiting over here and they’re all waiting over there. And so there was like a lot of handshakes. And then the bus goes over here and they open the doors. And all of a sudden there is, like, the old, the Parisian, kind of antique looking bus, with the old French doors and stuff like that. And we all were – we all sat and looked around the bus and we were, like, – we weren’t from the States, so we weren’t really used to this kind of stuff, and then the driver took off that bus and started flying. All of a sudden we all were flying. And he got us on the next one. All of a sudden, like five minutes after that, there’s this moment of this moment where the driver is like wow, all of a sudden these people can now fly.

He took off one more one. And then we flew over London. And we took off London. Then we went to Amsterdam. And the plane is flying. And at first, like I said, I was just kind of, like, blown away because I was just kind of

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