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In this case I guess you’re drawing them from a perspective. As always, don’t feel like you have to be perfect, try to do an interesting, interesting drawing.
Tutorial: How to draw a car – by using perspective
My first car

Here we have a very simple car, a VW Beetle, one of the first cars I draw. For this to work in Photoshop I decided to use a simple square, I just use the “Starry Night” brush for this one.
One of the main aspects that I always try to do is to make it as easy as possible to draw this car with a pencil, when I use a different brush, it’s easier for my hands. For this car though, I have one of the best pencils out there, I call the “Fuchsia” as I believe this color adds an elegance and elegance to this design, without adding to it to many pixels. This is by no means a fancy one, I just added a little something, to add a little bit of spice to the image.
I used the “Fuchsian” to draw this car
In order to make it work as easy as possible it would do better to use a very simple shape instead of a real car shape. The reason for that is because there’s not a lot of things you need to draw realistically in Photoshop, it’s not the most common or the best way of do them.
What’s the point of a lot of pixels? In Photoshop there are many different things you can use to make a drawing, a “cubic” shape, a circle, a circle plus a rectangle, etc… The points you should aim for are : a minimal amount of pixels, no matter what you use it for.
The result
Flying Car Drawing at GetDrawings | Free download
Using the “Fuchsian”
In order to use this drawing with that “cubic” shape we need to create a new layer, this is very important, otherwise it will have a weird look on my face.
In order for the “cubic” shape to show itself we need a border, as I said above, you need to draw a rectangle along with the shape, this would show at least 2 lines of white space.
A little bit of practice
I have a lot of pictures of cars, so I want to give you an idea of how to draw them by using the “Fuchsian” I believe using the “Fuchsian” can be easier than drawing a normal shape, although the

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