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Because you know I love you so much, aren’t you”

“I love you too…please look so lovely right now”

“It’s ok…just make sure not to look so cute for a while”

“You don’t have to worry about it. I know you’re very, very tired”

“Don’t tell anyone about this, okay?”

“Don’t ask me anything? Alright. You can tell the boys at school that you love me just by smiling. I can’t really tell them.”

“You really are too cute”

“Please kiss me. I love you, big sister”

“I don’t want to”

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“You’re beautiful… I love you so much I’ve got nightmares”

“I love you” was her favourite line in all of the movie. But I also hate the way it doesn’t end with “I love you too, big sis”. That way it gets awkward. And as a fan who watches a lot of fics on my computer (so that the character I really care about is not written as a guy), it made me cringe.

So, here was the idea, and the problem.

The author didn’t just decide to start the relationship with “I love you”…

They started it with “I love you” and then they added…

I hate all your names. I hate your names, too, and I hate everything.

I know that this sounds stupid and not worth sharing. A lot of you might even be saying I’m being too harsh. A lot of you might say I’m being too silly or unrealistic or I’m being too hard on the writers.


I have a very serious question for you.

Don’t tell me you’re so sick of my characters? Don’t tell me you feel the need to change them completely in a series of 6 chapters? Don’t tell me that you’re just having a lot of fun or that you want to change everything in the show at the last chance you get? Don’t ever tell me you don’t like my characters. Just do that.

It’s a little hard. It’s also kind of cute.

For the next episode, I thought I’d have both the fans and creators try to explain this, so here it comes.

There’s no such thing as “I Hate Your Names”. There’s only a

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