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It’s not that you love him, but you’d like to see how he would look if you loved him. You know how I feel. We both have our limitations, and those are my limitations. You know how it is for us. You want to be the one for me.

As you are about to kiss him goodbye he whispers: Don’t worry, honey, I’ll make sure that you’re mine forever.

And you don’t feel it? But his eyes are so beautiful at this moment; I am almost dying to see him with that shining beauty. I know your pain. He knows yours; that is why he makes us stay together. It’s not just for our sake. It’s to help us find the rest in our lives as we come to know each other. That’s why.

He says your name out loud as you finally come to terms with this terrible relationship.

And he’s gone.

I feel like a failure. I should have just done something. What can I do? The thought always crosses my mind: You’ll just be back to being what I had then. I can’t do it.

As you were taking a break from your training, you decided to talk to a fellow fighter at the gym. You’ve noticed that this fellow fighter has the same feelings you had once, but these feelings aren’t about being back to being happy, they’re about finding who you are without the burden of this relationship.

As you were thinking of what to say to him you looked back and he looked back at you. You don’t know whether to hug or to slap him back. It wasn’t going to be this way. You were a fighter! You were a professional.

Now I feel angry that I made the mistake of giving you that advice. My mistake was that I didn’t listen to him before I told you. I should have listened to your partner. He didn’t ask you to stay here or even tell you you can leave. He told you straight out that he would love you forever, and I ignored his words because they were so beautiful and I wasn’t ready to hear his voice again.

He has taught me so much over the phone and texting. He loves you so much. I wish you guys had more time apart and fewer fights.

We are going to try and find peace.

I know you will see it through.

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