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It’s not really easy. It’s a complicated process, and every time I try I just think, Oh my God. It’s so hard to do.”

And although he’s certainly not the only professional to say so it might be worth taking his advice when it comes to hair.

The idea of a human spaceflight program for Russia has been around for a long time. And while the idea has been controversial to a large extent in the United States, it’s been floated in a more measured light in Russia, perhaps in an effort to avoid any misunderstanding, for the time being.

Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalists on Wednesday that the goal of the proposed Russian space program is still to be decided on, but not to be confused with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plan to send a human into space.

The Russian Space Agency, Roscosmos, is set to release a detailed schedule for the first manned flights of the new Space Tractor-Ejector booster in 2018. The booster, said to be capable of transporting up to a five-ton payload, would follow the country’s new SES-11 satellite into service next year on a route that has already been approved.

It is also hoped that the next phase of development will see the introduction of a launch service platform, including a large spacecraft capable of transporting human spacecraft into orbit.

In an address to the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vladimir Putshov, a professor of rocket design and propulsion experts, noted earlier that the space program will be more ambitious than those of the United States and Russia.

“We shall not leave Earth alone in space,” he said, “but we do it using many means.”
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“There is a difference between an operational space transportation system and a development platform for it. We need new technologies in space transportation for the next decades and not for space station construction,” he said.

“These are not science fiction concepts, they are currently being implemented in Russia in a real way,” he added. “This is the right approach.”

Putshov said “space station” is not the right term with which to describe the new facility, but, more exactly, “the construction of the Russian Space Station-2 in the Earth’s atmosphere.”

Putshov added that Russia has already begun building its first SES-11 communications satellite and has already begun testing the station’s launch rocket.

SES-11 is part of SES’s $20 billion fleet

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