How do you draw faces? – How To Draw A Sports Car Ferrari Step By Step

Do you use pencil sketches or do you work on a computer to draw what you see with your eyes?

You draw people on paper because I draw. I’m not using digital means or computer drawing – I’m drawing on a piece of paper. I have a camera and I have a computer. I do it just like I draw a photo. I sit back, see the face, and then put another piece of paper over it and I go, ‘I can see this face.’

We can’t look at a computer screen and draw on that screen. The computer’s pixels are tiny – we can’t see them as big as we can see the face of a person. It’s not real, it’s not realistic.

How did you know you wanted to be a comic artist?

My dad was a bookbinder, and he loved it. He was an amazing artist. He did a lot of comic covers. Comics, especially superhero comics, were his love. He would take me to trade meet after trade meet. He had a wonderful sense of humor.

I would draw a comic book in my room. I would put two or three pages together. There would be a story or two, and then it would be an issue. I’d get the pencil and then we’d start talking it over. Sometimes I’d draw things that I wanted to make into comic books and sometimes I’d just draw something I wanted to use in my drawings that I’d found that was cool. Because I found a face that I liked, I’d put it together and make a comic cover.

My dad was always a comics lover. He loved it. I had a hard time believing what a person in a superhero story did to become a superhero… I didn’t know what to be. I always thought I was going to be something. He was like, ‘you’re just drawing things.'”

We started talking about comic books, and then he started drawing Batman. He took me to the local comic store and bought Batman books. I thought, ‘I can make something from this I’m drawing’. I was kind of confused…I didn’t really know what to do with my life.

How did you find a home for your first comics?

When I was 14, all we did was go shopping. I’d get what looked like a Batman comic, and I’d be like ‘Oh my God,’ and I’d draw this crazy, goofy-looking guy with short hair and

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