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For best results, use faces with the right proportions; it would be nice to have your model’s eyes a bit larger than their brows. I find that people with very tall or very wide eyes are more likely to have difficulty drawing them with a drawing tool (I’ve drawn and retouched some of these models in CS6 when I drew portraits of someone my height than normal). For more general questions about faces, try the Google Images search, or just ask on the forums!

I often have my model’s torso stretched out on the computer, and it’s fun to see a few of the “junk” models they make for themselves.

What are the “normal” dimensions of a character?

I think this is a hard thing to explain, especially for beginners.

It seems like there are two basic approaches, which are best described as “taken out of a hat”.

The basic approach looks like this: Draw a rectangle, centered on the face’s eyes, with an x-position of 0. Draw a rectangle between it and the head, centered on its face’s teeth. Draw a rectangle at the jawline at that point. Draw a rectangle between the face’s nose and jaw. And so on.

The problem with this approach is that it gets super messy very quickly. I’ve created a bunch of images that show some of the parts of a character after I draw it several times, and it is hard to discern them as separate characters with different names and poses (or “junk” models, in the terminology of my students). I’d recommend looking at the whole picture and not just any of the parts. Try making the face more of a straight line, or something that has more of a “natural” appearance.

The second approach looks like this: Draw as many “junk” models as you can find. (I’ve taken some of them out of an old computer I had lying around, to make sure that they still worked.)

Now, that’s an awfully big image!

It can take lots of processing time to get it to look as it is supposed to, but it does look pretty good! It’s easy to make a “junk” model look exactly like something in a game as well as in real life.

If you’re using other models other than people’s heads, it’s worth trying to do some work to make the faces more like that of other characters. For example, the ”

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