How do you draw Franklin the turtle? – How To Draw A Cartoon Car Easy

Where does the name come from? Why is it still called Franklin?

Franklin was a turtle on an island in the middle of Lake Erie. He was always there–always playing with his sisters–until the day some fishermen dumped a bucket of fish on him, and he ran off.

That’s where he came from. It was a turtle that someone made a mistake when they made Franklin the turtle. The turtle was going over a cliff at full speed and it broke the cliff and went through a portal. The turtle was stuck in the portal, and it stuck so tight that nobody could get out. Then it broke its back and was left behind in the portal.

Now, the turtle didn’t die. He just was left behind! Nobody wanted to rescue him then! Everybody went back to shore. He was found in about a week. And they threw the bucket of fish into the lake. The turtles got into the water and ate all of the fish on the beach. That’s how we were able to get rid of him.

How old was Franklin when he went over the cliff?

Franklin was 8. But I don’t know how old he was at that time. He just had no sense of time, so he didn’t really know how old he was. So you could say that he could swim all the way from the edge of the water to the edge of the water and back.

How did you get the image of Franklin?

It was an accident when I tried to draw him! I was trying to draw a little boy, about 1 1/2 to 2 years old, running across the lake, carrying a ball and trying to catch a ball back on to his back. I thought it was funny, and I thought it was great. People didn’t understand it, but it was funny.

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What were some of the other names you thought of when you drew Franklin?

Franklin is a little kid who’s a little bit too fast and a little bit too fast. And the ball, which is a ball of wood that he tosses out and catches and puts into a water ball. I thought of a lot of things. And that’s Franklin.

How did you develop the design on your pencils?

I’ve developed the pencil design, and my designs are not the ones that go right with Franklin–they go with my illustrations. They’re not the ones that go with mine. The drawings I have are my

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