How do you draw Franklin the turtle? – How To Draw Cars With Solidworks Tutorial For Beginners

How do you draw a turtle, a snake-like animal? I have my own way of doing that and it’s something that I’ve done for years and years, and then I thought: ‘It’s fun. If someone wants to see it, well that’s interesting, I wouldn’t mind having people look at it.’ I think of it as having a little bit of a “who’s-in-charge story.”


What does the creator-owned side do, for you?

Well, they’re probably the ones with the most of my time, since I make an enormous amount of my art myself. They sort of run everything. I’m fortunate that I can turn to my friends and say, ‘Hey, what do you think? I should get that done.’


What kind of help did you get from fellow creators and how did that influence creative choices?

A lot of it was just my personal relationship with them. The comics I read, I read a lot of DC, I read a lot of Marvel, I read a lot of DC, but I didn’t read a lot of DC until late on and even when I had time to read DC I was usually buying my comics from Diamond. So I had no experience with it before my early 20s, but that’s certainly how I began drawing.

But then, as the years went on, you were really influenced by the stories of other comics creators and the way they handled the characters and the writing, so that’s how this world of superheroes came to be for me. It was my own way and a way of me thinking for the past 21-plus years. In addition to that, I met a lot of other artists that were creators of other comics. For example, artist Nick Bradshaw who did all the Batman stuff, we sat down and talked about how I should draw Batman, and we really made some connections. And it was really a lot of my own thought process.

In comics, one person telling a friend how to draw and another person telling their friend how to tell a story is one of the ways that it evolves. I’m sure every artist will have some way of having all these different influences, but certainly the way I think of comics as a way of me thinking through that sort of thing — it can be a little clunky, but it’s kind of the way I imagine comics to be and to be a product of, I guess. As an individual fan it

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