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What should I tell him: I’d encourage him to explore a lip kit and find the perfect shade of lipstick and a lip liner to match that. I’d also suggest making an effort to look the way you’re excited to try on a new dress or outfit.

My favorite example: a guy who looks like a doll in a dress, but looks like a dude when he’s a girl. That’s the kind of guy I look for.
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What’s one technique that you’ve found helpful?

I learned that you can teach people how to do certain tasks. Like you could teach somebody, when people are in school. People have a way of telling you from the outside just what they need to be able to get the job done, but they need to hear the message from you. That way, they can tell whether their job is going to be a big or a small one.

AUSTIN — At the outset of Texas Monthly’s annual Texas Power 100 list, Texas’s largest utility ranks at No. 31 in electrical generation, behind No. 4 NextEra Energy and Energy Future Holdings.

“With the success of the next generation of energy generation installations on-the-go, with the creation of an advanced and diversified energy and electric distribution infrastructure, and with new business partnerships and partnerships with global partners,” noted Robert J. Borkenau, chairman and CEO of Texas Public Utilities Commission, “the growth of Texas Power is evident today.”

Texas Power today is Texas’s eighth-largest power company, with more than 19,250 employees and more than $11 billion in assets. With its nearly 1,650 generation facilities across 11 countries, the company is responsible for more than 70% of the nation’s total electricity requirements.

Texas Power is the largest owner and operator of the three Texas transmission grids, as well as the third largest owner and operator of the three Texas nuclear power plants, with 10.3 GW of installed generation capacity. Texas Power’s utilities portfolio consists of approximately 7,300 megawatts of installed generation, which, together with 1,330 MW of transmission capacity, serves more than 80% of the Texas population.

In 2015, Texas Power became the third Texas utility to post an overall profit of at least $1 billion. Texas Power’s third-quarter profit was $961.4 million, compared to $984.5 million for the same period a year earlier.

For the fiscal 2017 fiscal year that ended on June

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