How do you draw the front of a car? – How To Draw Cars Step By Step Video Mania Kcmo

By starting at the point nearest a door, and working from there. Here’s a simple drawing of a flat, wall-sized door. The car has two doors in the rear that act as the window, and an exit door in the front just behind.

You take a sheet of paper, and draw a line from the left corner of the car to the line at the door. This doesn’t look great, because it’s on the right side of the car. Instead, look slightly to the left to see what the exit should look like.

Draw a parallel line from the window down to the floor, and add some lines to help hold the window door properly in place. You’ll find that these lines are pretty accurate for most people — there’s no need to make this into something fancy.

Now, we can start to fill in the gaps with details.

Draw more of the inside of the car on the outside of the paper.

When you’ve drawn everything, you should have a line coming out of this line. This means you’ve drawn the entrance for the car. Go all the way to the inside of the car (you can always go right, since you can move it to the right) and draw the door that closes.

And, voila, you’ve drawn the car — the front window of your car.

And here’s the finished car:

And here it is, ready to go:

And here’s another view, so you can compare the finished car to how it looks in the final painting:

If you make a mistake, here’s what you’ll need to look at:

Do your best to be accurate. This is a drawing, after all. Don’t worry if you come across a line at a particular location. Go back and check.

Make sure your lines are easy-to-read. There isn’t enough space to draw everything perfectly.

Look at the edges — try to make them straight at the corners.

Have a good head on your shoulders. If you don’t have time to draw everything, go back and check again after a couple of hours; it’s a good excuse to practice again.

Your project is just getting started. If you are still not happy with how your car looks, do not feel discouraged or intimidated. This is the first time you’ve ever made a real painting, after all. Be enthusiastic and show it off as you go along

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