How do you draw Yoda Easy? – Car Drawings

The most popular Yoda in our community is actually by far the fastest, most intuitive and most creative way to draw Yoda:

Step 1 – Make a circle. It’s fine if you don’t get it yet.

Use your freehand to draw your Yoda in space. This helps you keep the lines clean, but also gives you a great starting point for defining the background and creating the shape of his mouth. The Yoda circle is very flexible, so I recommend that you use it in any shape you’d like your Yoda to take.

Step 2 – Get a good starting point for his head. For this you can use your fingers to draw a small circle in the center of his eye.

Step 3 – Use your hands to draw his eyes. This one doesn’t have to be particularly complicated: Use a similar shape (like a circle) and make sure you can see from the top of his head.

Step 4 – Now draw his mouth. This one is straightforward: Just use your freehand and draw a few lines in the direction of his tongue. Just like the eyes, you can use that shape to outline the mouth, or create a more elaborate mouth.

Step 5 – Draw the arms, hands and feet. Use your freehand to create a very detailed Yoda head with arms, feet and hands.

Step 6 – Combine all of these parts and fill in the spaces with shading and color to finish the drawing.

Now, before you draw more Yoda, you have to decide if Yoda needs to have a specific shape like his mouth. This can be a tough task but you can always see from the image above how he doesn’t look good without some sort of outline.

In this case, the Yoda’s mouth is just a simple rectangle that fits into the space and makes for a nice looking face. But the main reason why you need to draw a mouth is if Yoda needs to have more detail to the face to give him that cool face that you see today.

If you want some more inspiration for Yoda, keep a look at the following tutorial: Draw Yoda Easy and watch this video to see exactly how it’s done: Yoda Easy Animation Tutorial

Step 7 – Use colored pencil to highlight areas of the face so it looks more distinct.

Step 8 – Check that the outline is solid so the drawing won’t be too messy.

Step 9 – Now draw the

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