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I make it look like a bunch of doritos.”

A man named James Pestos (no, he’s not an actual person, he’s an artist) tells me the secret behind the art he creates.

“I do sketches. I draw in a sketchbook where I’m just kind of blanking out,” he says. “And then I go home and I eat some Doritos, and I stare at it for a while,” he pauses, grinning at what he’s saying.

Pestos first came to fame after he posted his first Doritos art on Reddit earlier this year. It’s not a particularly deep piece– the artist used a pencil to draw a taco with the Doritos and wrote the caption, “I think he’s going to love it” and put it up on Reddit.

So much for drawing.

Pestos says he wants to get his artwork out to the public as an expression of his love for the snack food. He also wants it to be fun to look at. “I like it when the images are so pretty,” he says.

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But this isn’t quite what we’ve come to expect from Doritos, a snack that’s been around for as long as it comes, and still manages to get all of its name from a place in North Carolina.

Doritos made its way to the North American market as the “P” in a product name called Doritos Locos Tacos. Locos is the Spanish word for tortilla chips, while Tacos is the English word for chip.

One would think, from any perspective, the chip would be the most obvious choice to make the product name. But Pestos is quick to point out that he didn’t call the piece “The Best,” instead saying that it’s the best of the best. “It’s made out of chips,” he says. “I think chipotle, it is one of the most delicious things on earth. I love chips, man,” he adds.

Pestos admits that even though he likes chips, what he likes the most about Doritos is how they serve them.

“There’s two different versions. They say fried. I like fried,” he says.

So that’s really not as bad as it looks.

Even though a lot of people think Doritos is cheesy, Pestos says that to him, they still taste

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