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Anita: “Anita” by B-H

Mikky: “Little Pussi” by B-H

Mimi: “Witch’s Brew” by B-H

I think I will be in the market for a couple more bottles this week.  I started thinking about the way I’d try to manage my energy, energy, energy.  I’d been doing a lot of research and I came back with some interesting ideas.  Since I’m not really following any sort of diet, I’m thinking it would be pretty easy to modify the way I ate in preparation for the marathon.
There are some similarities between the way I’ve been eating for the past couple of weeks with my run on New York (I’m doing a 5k now), the way Mark and I ate during our first marathon.  What I wanted to try would really be a bit different.  I wanted to change my daily routine for running a marathon in the spring and summer (at the same time of year). The first time I thought about doing this, I felt completely at peace with how I ate for my run.  I hadn’t thought hard about whether or not my body was working hard enough or not.  I found it very strange how easy it was.  My runs were quick, I had a light plan at each meal and didn’t plan too much out beforehand.  This was probably the most peaceful running I’d ever been a part of.  I decided to do some research on how I would accomplish these two goals, and came up with some ideas.
How I run my run
I don’t think my run will ever compare directly to some of the best marathoners in the world.  I don’t think my running pace is particularly impressive, not especially fast.  This being the way I run my run, I may not reach the same time as someone like Tony Gallegos, who runs a lot slower (maybe a bit quicker).  The fact that I’m not trying to run too close to a marathon time of some of these guys, only makes it more difficult since I don’t think I would get so close at this pace. I want to keep my pace down.  So the goal of my run is to run in 5 min 45 seconds, or 5K, as much of a distance as possible. There was a certain energy in my runs before my recent run on New York.  I think that

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