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Should I draw everything the first time there? Or should I focus on something I’m very sure I’ll be able to remember later on?

I’ve tried to keep that in mind during the process. What was the first thing I decided I needed to draw? How did those ideas become the first drawing for the whole project? How many times did I think, “This will be important when I get to the end of this piece of art?”

In general, if you have a sketchbook that is a good place to start, the first thing you’ll want to do is to get familiar with some basic techniques. I like to draw by sketch and use a sketchbook on the ground level.

If you have a sketchbook that is more about your imagination, you might want to do something to help hone your vision and create your own drawings! If you’re a good enough draftsman, you can have your own drawings done, even on top of others drawn by others from time to time.

Now comes the hard part – drawing some actual artwork.

You do need a palette! You always do. So, how do you get your palette?

I like to think the first painting I ever made was done with a palette of black and white pencils and gouache. There was nothing magical about it.

There are some other tools that are often used to create art, like using charcoal to create the shading. While this has worked well when it comes to painting and I’ve heard good stories about it, it tends to fade over time. I’ve found better results in the past using a paintbrush instead of the brush to create depth.

If you’ve never had an art class and don’t have a piece of art for your paper, you don’t have to worry about how to get started with color. The first thing you want to do is get a few samples and practice with them so you can see how the colors line up to where you want to paint them.
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Then, practice a few times with lighter weights of color such as yellow, turquoise, blue, green, purple, red, etc. and once you have a few colors down in your head you can start adding your colors in. As long as you want to make an abstract painting you can just start out by adding them when you’re happy with the overall color scheme. That way you can really focus on the painting you want to create.

If you’re not getting a lot

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