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A very long period ago people did indeed get the idea that they’d get some electricity out of a magnetic field. But in the last 30 years or so the idea has been much more advanced and has been called a super-conductive or super-magnetic field. The idea is that all these different electrical currents generated by the magnetic field of the earth are in the opposite direction from each other and that the electricity is re-radiated back. So it can actually power machines and have the same effect as the electrical power, but in a different way. A typical instance of this is a magnet field generator where different elements of a house are connected in series. And it can be re-routed. For example, if the house was to be connected in a series, the same thing that happens when you make a circuit would happen if two circuits were created. Instead of having one circuit with a voltage, it actually has two circuits. The first circuit is connected in series with the power, and the second circuit is connected in series with the other elements. And a lot of different devices are actually connected in this way. The most famous one is a magnet generator in a house. And there’s also a super-conductive or magnetic generator in a room. These super capacitors can store energy, and in fact one of the famous applications is the power plant. In the power plant, when you connect a turbine that creates a current between the elements of a power plant, then you would also generate electricity. It’s the same thing when you are connected a transformer; that creates a voltage difference between the different elements of a transformer and you can also use the super capacitors on the other sides to provide that energy. I’m going to talk about the main elements that could possibly generate a super-conducting magnetic field in a little bit more detail, but before I start explaining them, I have to introduce you to some terms. There are two kinds of terms you need to know when you have to understand the field. One kind of term used in the scientific literature is the superconducting magnetic field. The other term I often use is the magnetic field, or the magnetic field spectrum. When you have a magnetic field it is a very strong electromagnetic field that is in the very high frequency range where it is, in fact, a very strong field, an almost electromagnetic field, which is very weak in the low frequency range so you would want to have some other kind of magnetic field to have any kind of flow. So when you have
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