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How do you define free energy? Should the law of physics apply to free energy in space?

This is one of the more complicated things from Elon Musk and his company, Tesla Motors, about which anyone can ask the right questions and get at the right answers when questioned about it.

It all stems from a bit of a philosophical and scientific debate at the heart of whether energy should be produced and used, where it should come from, when it should be used and how that can be done at a low cost.

Musk began to explore how far human technological advancements could come and how we should use them. Some might say that his ideas are not so far out as you might think, at least according to these recent statements from Musk and his company Tesla.

The Tesla CEO said the following on the matter, when discussing it with ABC News:

“The key to getting humanity to Mars is, first, to generate enough hydrogen and oxygen to sustain life for a long time. That is the trick. Then, to store and use our surplus energy from this fusion process. And finally, then to extract and refine the energy using all the energy we already have — solar plus nuclear and so on.

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Tesla has a special, patented system for capturing solar, solar thermal and nuclear power. When the sun is down, they use a special kind of storage in the battery to store that. They use that to provide power for homes. And when the sun comes up, instead of having to pump hot, heavy water in — all that’s needed is for the sun and a small battery to charge your Tesla battery so you can start getting power right now. When they get home from work or school, they just take it straight from the device.

What about hydrogen? Can you do something called ‘free hydrogen’?

Yes, you can. Just by putting hydrogen into a reactor. They have been doing it in Germany for decades, and if it works as advertised, there is no problem — we can make electricity out of water with no trouble.”

But what about the rest of us? Can we build homes, eat food, run cars? Can we even travel?

Well, it really depends upon how you define “free energy” as Musk does in his comments.

For one, a little bit of extra energy may be possible.

The New York Times Magazine says “In the most optimistic scenarios, a hydrogen-powered car would be able to travel 1,000

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