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That’s a huge claim, one that was never fully tested prior to 2010, when a US company was granted permission to study and report emissions from their vehicles.

According to this study, “electric vehicles (EVs) emit no more carbon than natural gas vehicles, and there are no harmful emissions resulting from vehicle operation in the natural gas system.”

They then cite EPA and CARB data from 2007 through 2011, which shows that “natural gas-fired vehicles are cleaner than diesel-powered vehicles (DVs).”

So, as I’ve said from the very beginning, the notion that EVs are going to be cleaner than natural gas, has not been proved beyond all doubt. There have been many studies, all of which say the exact opposite of what this study finds.

A study by Environmental Defense Fund/PwC and the Global Warming Policy Foundation published in May 2014, looked only at power plants and found that “EVs emit less carbon than vehicles using electricity produced from coal.” An analysis by the US Energy Information Administration found that “natural gas (the biggest emitter of air pollutants) emits 30 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than diesel vehicles (the least polluting).”

But none of this is relevant, since the only two studies to look at the effect EVs are having on air pollution is the abovementioned study by the EDF/PwC and the GWPF.

A third study conducted by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) found that, “In some cases, the electric car makes the most power of any kind of vehicle,” though they “found that the electric car has more to do with efficiency issues than it does with the environmental benefit” from EVs.

In other words, it’s all about “efficiencies”. The second study looked at the effects on the environment of different car models and found that, “In general, the electric car appears to have more negative effects on the environment than the gasoline car… [which may be due to] its greater efficiency.”

This study concludes that, “the environmental benefit of the technology is probably worth the environmental cost.”

How many more studies such as this should there be to conclude that, EV use actually contributes to a net reduction in our nation’s air pollution?

And, despite the claims of these studies?
A Quick History of Tesla Motors | Daily Infographic

Not really. The claim that EVs are actually cleaner than cars using “coal” is just a claim, and one that has so much to

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