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It is impossible to know all the details of the energy production process because of the high quality of its energy and the low cost of its use. The energy produced by the energy generator is generated using electromagnetic radiation. To achieve a stable operation, as long as the radiation comes from the source of radio waves, the generator must have a very efficient power source. For example, any conventional light bulb does not provide any energy. The LED used in its production has a efficiency of 0.9, while a battery battery provides 6 mAh of energy at 0.25W. In the production process, the energy is converted into useful heat, and it must be efficiently stored. In this process the power source is a silicon chip (with a capacitance of 6,000) or it is a battery battery. In terms of the power source, it is important that the energy is not lost (not as in an ordinary light bulb.) Only with a large energy loss rate and extremely efficient power source can the energy be considered as free energy. The free energy used is the free power of electromagnetic radiation or energy which does not involve any other energy process.

Free energy generator may not be used in all countries, in all sectors, or even in the most difficult energy problems. The energy is not available in all markets or environments. Some conditions require the energy be used in order to achieve the most important goals or objectives. Such free energy is a renewable, safe and non destructive method of energy generation, which could be used without negative effects on the environment.

The free energy generator was adopted by the German government in 1996.

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Can the free energy generator work in countries without adequate power infrastructure?

The answer to this question is “yes”. When you power a light bulb with the free energy of laser light, there is a possibility that the laser light causes harmful effects on the light bulb, including the loss of one watt or more of electricity. It is therefore necessary to have a very efficient power source in the generator. In order to protect the energy from harmful effects. One of the most important elements in the generators is the capacitor. Therefore, there is a need for the installation of a high-quality power source in order to minimize the losses in the generator. Otherwise it would be impossible to save energy by using the free energy.

Free energy produced from the free energy generator has no consequences for the environment unless there exists no alternative means of producing the energy.

Does the free energy generator produce heat?

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