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If you have bought a conventional wind turbine then there is the possibility that you are paying for “free energy”. These free wind turbines generate no electricity and have also been criticised for their waste of resources with an environmental damage of around 15% (as of 2014). They do not generate any electricity which means that they do not help to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

If this is not the case with a power generated through a renewable energy generator that it’s a free wind turbine is more efficient. This is because the turbines are spinning at a higher speed compared to a conventional wind turbine.

If you have bought a power generated through a solar system then there is a lot of competition in the market which means that you are not really going to be paying for free energy and thus you can invest in the proper equipment to avoid buying unnecessary equipment. Also, because the solar panels have the power from free energy.

We have seen a lot of solar energy installations which are also generating the electricity from the free energy.
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We’re pretty certain that we’re not the only ones in the world that have to deal with this problem:

In an unusual show of good sense, one woman told an iPhone thief he may have made a big mistake after a picture he took of her in a public place was posted to YouTube. The woman, who was a school friend of the alleged thief, said she got away with her purse and iPhone in Chicago on Monday after the man stole her jacket and iPhone from an escalator at the same place. A passerby caught the man in a series of blurry photos he took shortly after he left the escalator, but the man didn’t post the images to his Facebook page. “I knew something was wrong,” the unidentified woman said. “It wasn’t something I would have expected, but it wasn’t like somebody had done something in my name. It was all on YouTube. … I had my phone out just trying to be nice. I’m not stupid.”

And in more bad news for users everywhere, this also involves our friends at Apple, who apparently were not paying enough attention to how their product is being used:

Apple removed the iPhone 7 Plus after users reported that the device’s front and back camera were unusable.

For their part, Apple released a statement saying that the problem was the product’s “hard-drive failure” and that the company is “working to get these issues resolved.”

This is a pretty big problem since no one really

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