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There are lots of ways to make your house energy independent. Our electricity generation is based on a number of energy efficient and reliable technologies:

Gas – most electricity generated in the U.S. is imported. It should be replaced.

Oil- most electricity generated in the U.S. is imported. It should be replaced. Nuclear power – very few people own electricity generators. But the power produced by solar power at home has to go somewhere, and the grid is designed to work with nuclear power plants.

Wind and solar (including biofuels and biomass) – the grid needs to accommodate wind and solar power with the storage and reliability of hydroelectric power.

Electric cars – it’s true that electric vehicles would add a lot of traffic to the grid, but so would gasoline cars. And cars that run on gasoline (or ethanol) produce significantly less pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Most of all, there is no doubt that our homes in America are much worse off now than they were before.

The good news is that the price of oil has fallen a lot, and the amount of dirty, polluting gasoline that we buy has dropped. The bad news is that we’ve only recently seen this drop – in some years, our homes have actually lost power due to cheap-fuel shortages, and that’s not because of something the government did.

The good news is not that we should all go crazy trying to power the lights ourselves. Rather, it is that we can have a better, more efficient home now, without doing everything at once.

So get some of your energy sources off the grid, and start saving today.

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