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Battery is a part of most Android phones, so it is very basic and easy to install. You can use the “install a new package” in the Android section if you want to download a new app and install it on your phone, but that is not possible when you run a specific app from the Play Store. So don’t try to install a new app on your phone (although you may have trouble installing it from the Play Store, because it may have been removed from the Play Store earlier, so you cannot install it manually). All you need is to download a new version of a .apk file that contains the right .apk file.

But what is a .apk file?

A .apk file is an APK file with the same name as the APK file. For example, it could be my_apk_4_3.apk . If you are on another operating system, it could even be a zip file or zip archive file, or some other sort of file that you can run an installer on.

APK files can be read by any Android app or other software. It is not possible to run Android apps other than Google Play Store apps on your Android phone without installing an APK file.

How can I install an app and run it on my phone?

For any app that you want to install to your phone, you should download the .apk file containing the appropriate .apk file of the app which you want to install.

I am not sure if that .apk file is the app for some APK file of my phone: I downloaded the .apk file containing my specific app, and my phone has installed the APK file, it is running the app. Who will know?

The Android installer has all required information about your phone (name of the phone, device version, CPU, memory and so on, etc), but this information is not included in the APK file.

Is there any help for my problem?

Contact Google Support for help with installing any apps on your Android phone.

Is there any help for my problem?

Send an e-mail to Google Support for help finding the app.

Is there any help for my problem?
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Send an e-mail to Google Support about installing the app.

I can not install the app on my Android phone (it is installed on another operating system, or it is

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