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Well, let’s look at the process one by one. First, the magnet needs to be shaped. The easiest shape to use is the square or hexagon shape, so that we can simply take the magnetic and place it on the coil. Then we need to make the magnet a little longer to accommodate the coil. We do this by changing the length of a section of wire and then making the rest of the wire shorter to be compatible so we can attach the magnet. Finally, we make the magnet magnetic, then add the coil.
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When you wrap an item like an iron in cloth, the cloth doesn’t touch the top so it’s easy to use. This is true with magnetic items too, so make sure a little of the material you use can be removed in order to use the magnet. You could also make the magnet magnetize the wire, which has a little more challenge. If a magnetized wire can be twisted in such a way that it can only be put between a magnetic item and a large surface, it can be used as a magnetic needle, allowing for a very strong magnetic field to be produced.

We use a very strong magnetic needle, that’s why there are some extra precautions to take – like keeping the needle away from the magnet, to avoid accidentally adding a very strong field to the field that the magnetizer is using.

Once we know what the shape is we want to use, we can begin to make the magnet. We just look at the magnet and choose the right kind of magnet to make the coil. In this case, we decide to go with a regular round magnet. You can buy a very nice round magnet that will work fine, but to make a magnet that will attract magnets that are smaller in size, you can go to the specialty section of Amazon (where you can also find cheap little magnetic sticks). You then lay one magnet on top of the other. Once that magnet is completely filled with magnets, turn the coil until it begins to pull in the magnet.

Now, once you’ve got a magnet, you can easily attach it to a coil. You need to first make the coil with wire, as it has to be able to accommodate all the magnets. If you are going to use a more advanced method, such as turning your magnetic needle into a coil that allows for very strong magnetic fields, there are other ways you can make a coil. These are the options:

1. The coil can be made with a small spring (used to make

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