How did Tesla’s free energy work? – Free Energy Power Generator Easy Homemade

Tesla’s free energy system uses two solar array arrays mounted atop the front of a two-door, two-wheel drive Model S sedan (not the new electric sport sedan), a Tesla Supercharger station (on the highway) and Tesla’s super-fast charging network (off-peak). The electricity is converted to 100 kilowatt-hours (kWh) or kilowatt-hours (kWh) per hour, then stored in batteries that take a little longer to charge (up to a few minutes) than the average EV. (The average electric car battery has a storage capacity of about 60 kWh.) The system can store enough energy for one full charge. The Supercharger station takes care of charging the car’s batteries and other equipment for free for one hour a day.
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Tesla claims that Tesla Energy’s “zero-emissions vehicle is not just a car, as it is a catalyst—it is a power supply, a resource—an energy system. It is no less powerful than a normal battery as it stores electricity that is produced to power the vehicle, while making sure that when the car needs to be recharged the free system is there to transfer that energy at an accelerated rate to the battery in order to keep the vehicle charging. Tesla is an all-in-one system. When we say that Tesla uses 100% of the electricity produced by the solar power arrays, we are absolutely saying that the Tesla uses at least 100% of the energy generated by the energy stored in those batteries.”

The Free Power for the Future is Tesla’s vision for the future, but it’s very much in the future. Musk hasn’t even announced a timetable for this free-of-charge system to come to production and distribution. He’s already set out to give the system free-of-charge for a few months so that Tesla can try to work its way to a fully functional version by the summer of 2015. (It does take a few years of investment and time to reach that point.)

The company says the Free Power for the Future would cover all states except for New York. Tesla is working on a free-of-charge electricity system for Puerto Rico. This would come after the Model 3 is released. As we pointed out, there’s a precedent; the Tesla store and charging network exists in over 50 cities in Latin America and Asia, and more than 700 in the U.S.; the Tesla store and charging network has been operating in Europe for a year.


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