How do you get electricity from a potato? – Free Energy Principle For Dummies

You have to be able to put an electric current through it.

Some type of circuit, like a wire, bulb, or capacitor. It has to have something that’s going to put that current through it.

It has to be strong enough to have enough flow to run a wire.

And you can’t have air. What’s in your home that will be strong enough? If it’s going to be hot you’d have a lot of hot air coming in.

It has to be in a place where heat won’t affect your circuits.

What does electricity do?

(Reuters) – A Virginia State Police trooper who fatally shot a man who was carrying a pellet gun when he approached a police cruiser in a carjacking attempt has been charged with manslaughter, the Washington Post reported.

The Post reported on Friday that the trooper arrested Robert Grosso in Richmond last September while responding to a stolen vehicle in which the driver was “crying and covered in blood and wearing a bulletproof vest” inside a dark-colored SUV.

Grosso was unarmed, the Post said, when he had his back to the trooper when he fired the shot that hit Grosso in the neck as he struggled to gain control of the suspect’s truck.

The Post said the trooper was placed on desk duty as investigations into Grosso’s death continue. Grosso was 25.

At his arraignment on Friday, the trooper’s attorney, John J. O’Brien, said Grosso was not armed and never tried to take the officer’s gun, the Post said.

The Post said the trooper is free on a $50,000 bond while an attorney was appointed to represent Grosso in a second trial.
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Tunisian authorities are facing mounting pressure to open a criminal investigation into the brutal death of a young woman in a police station.

The case, the latest in a string of cases of alleged torture during the crackdown on Islamist militants, has sparked international condemnation for the treatment of detainees in police stations in the capital Tunis.

Police and forensic investigators are being questioned over the death of Lina Essebsi, 24, who had been accused of attempting to smuggle petrol and heroin into the station. A relative said in February of her injuries.

“She was not a drug addict but a girl who had her rights,” Lina’s niece, Bouna El-Gadi, told the BBC.

Local authorities

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