How do you get electricity from a potato? – Tesla Free Energy Device Plans

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The little potatoes use their powerful metabolism to generate electricity.
Thermodynamics ii

This isn’t just a potato mystery though. The energy is actually transferred through the skin and bloodstream through nerves.

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When we first began to research the origins of the word “femme fatale” for the blog, we were immediately struck by what we were finding. As we have already covered, there’s actually quite a bit of historical evidence to support the notion of femmes fatales being attractive to men, as well as being attractive to women. But what made all of this so unexpected was that it didn’t even need to be in a romance novel:

During the 1950s, there was a surge in the number of lesbian or homosexual women in the United States. These women, known as “lefie,” did not have to find a home, they didn’t have to fight for their rights, they did not have to have an identity. They just loved men and so did they. The lefie women would find their place in society through lesbian relationships with men: that is, for them, it was part of the equation that they were female as all were lesbians. The reason they made a big deal about being lefie, of course, was that they had been a part of these “sister” clubs and events over the years, that they had spent time with their sisters and friends in lesbian communities, and there was nothing they wanted more than to be with a man. They wanted to be with a man as a woman, not just anything that has that element of a woman, a woman with breasts or a woman with long hair. They had no interest in having children, because these women were so focused on the relationship, and their relationships with men. Women could be any color, any nationality, religion, or any other sexuality they wanted, so long as it was that of the men. But that didn’t stop them from wanting to be with other women of a certain type. So, the lesbian groups, like the National lesbian and gay bar Association, came up with this new code of dress that was to be worn by men by those women, so that as they went into the community they wouldn’t have to come as what most lesbians would call a “femme fatale.”

It gets better

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