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There is no easy answer to that (or any other of the answers), since there isn’t a physical mechanism that we know of that can measure the amount of energy. To find that answer, an important, but highly challenging, step in our search, is to measure the mass of a magnet, using both magnetite and gold.

In fact, we have measured the mass of every known magnetite-filled magnet (including all of the known gold-filled magnetites), even if they didn’t have a magnetic dipole moment, from the Earth itself. The result is that, since we know that each one is composed of approximately 2×1034 b = 11.4 grams of iron (with the right amount of impurities) and 20×1012 of the rarest metals called iron-60 (or smectite), we can calculate the mass of iron-60 atoms:

M = 2×109 = 109 grams of iron-60

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The magnetite can be converted into gold atoms, and the amount of gold atoms equals the mass of iron-60 atoms. So, the answer to the energy of the magnet is the same as the answer to the mass of the magnet; it is the energy of the magnetite.

We have seen, therefore, that while the magnet may contain all the energy you would expect to find in it from the Earth’s core, at the Earth’s surface, the energy in the magnet is only about 2.7×109 kiloelectra-volts.

When I was in school, I was lucky enough to find this number as a book for my science history homework. I think it was the volume called Science and Technology, and it was called, appropriately enough, Physics of the Magnetic Region. That said, it is unlikely the number would be an accurate measurement of the actual amount of magnetite anywhere on the Earth.

Why are we so interested in magnetites?

In a scientific vacuum, it was very difficult to come up with any explanation for the presence of magnetic polonium, and when it was used in science it became very controversial. So it was interesting to learn that in the 21st century, even though we do not know what is in the magnetite, we do know what is not. And we have lots of ideas about what may be in the magnetite, but we don’t know for sure.

There are many reasons for this. Perhaps the most important is that in spite of our

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