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A review: recent research A recent review that includes the most recent reviews of research on ATP free energy The ATP/ATP ratio A quick, quick explanation of the ATP/ATP ratio The ATP/ATP ratio and how it is related to energy supply The significance of the ATP/ATP ratio in muscle function The potential role of the ATP-energy-conservation hypothesis for energy metabolism Cellular energy storage and utilization ATP synthesis An analysis of the role of ATP in muscle contraction in the absence of energy supply. The role of oxidative metabolism in energy generation. Energy production from adenosine triphosphate and glycolysis. The role of ATP in energy and nitrogen metabolism. Recent research on the role of ATP in the regulation of amino carbonylation. Energy metabolism and energy balance. Reappraisal of ATP’s role in regulation of energy metabolism. Regulation of muscle protein synthesis.
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2. Energy metabolism and the ATP/ATP ratio (Energy Metabolism) The ATP-energy-conservation hypothesis: an alternative explanation for energy balance ATP and energy. A review. ATP vs. ATP: an energy comparison ATP synthesis by anabolism and by oxidation. The potential role of ATP in energy supply. The role of ATP in muscle metabolism. A recent review that includes the most recent reviews of research on ATP-energy-conservation and ATP-energy metabolism An important review on energy metabolism and ATP metabolism. The implications of this work in terms of energy balance. ATP and energy metabolism in diabetes. Energy turnover and the ATP-energy-conservation hypothesis.

Towards a more complete explanation of an alternative (non-protein-based) explanation of energy balance In this context, as energy is released from the food to carry it to the cell with the energy provided from the metabolism of ATP, energy is transferred from cell to cell with the expenditure of ATP. This process takes place even in the absence of energy from protein metabolism, because the energy required to generate ATP from the substrate (carbohydrate) is supplied by mitochondrial respiration.

Why is an energy-balance (cellular or muscle) model not adequate for energy balance?

Cellular energy balance is a complex mechanism of energy utilization that can be modeled by energy metabolism models like ATP/ATP. However, a cellular energy balance is not the complete picture of energy balance. A cell has two energy-generating systems. The first (enzymes and proteins) is called lipolysis and is the primary energy-generating system

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