Is ATP free energy? – Ap Biology Supplemental Gibbs Free Energy Worksheet Answers

The average person is pretty sure it is not.

“When they say ‘the average person’ are they referring to the person that eats 2-3 plates of food per day (2-3x)?”

“Can someone really eat a plate of vegetables and not feel hungry?”

“What is an ‘unrewarding’ task?”

“Isn’t it strange that if you’re not hungry and can’t move your body, yet you’re constantly thinking about food…”

“Then what is it?”

Asking these questions will make most people think a little, and will help them see if their assumptions are correct. The more the questions are asked and answered correctly, the easier it will be to come up with the “truth” as to whether your eating habits are bad, or whether they merely reflect your psychological biases.

In addition to the “questions” above, you can also do the same to test yourself. By asking yourself these questions, and making the appropriate changes, you will begin to see that you have some control over the way that your eating habits will be.

Question #1: Are you full (no food left)?

The short answer is that “you” are not eating. A full body of food (including the stomach) contains plenty of energy to enable you to carry on your tasks. It will be full just the same.

If you answered yes to this question, it is likely for the simple reason that you do not eat, do not feel hungry, and cannot perform any physical activities.

Your body can easily get more rest by keeping itself full, instead of letting your body become tired from sitting. You are not in the best of spirits if you are not active, and it is only by working hard and eating well that you will gain all of the “satisfaction” that you are craving.

In fact it’s very likely that your mood and behavior have changed, especially when “empty” is used as a general term, rather than describing the state in which you actually are eating.

You can find additional information about the reasons why you might be hungry at

Question #2: Are you hungry (no food left)?

It is not that you are hungry, but rather that you have not eaten! Your body is very much like a muscle which has plenty of muscle to perform. There is just not enough muscle to do anything but sit and wait

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