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The ATP rate is a measure of how much energy is provided to a cell by ATP (adsenosine triphosphate), which is produced in cells by energy-demanding reactions such as respiration, respiration-enrichment, lactate production, and lipid oxidation and storage. In cells, mitochondria are responsible for supplying the vast majority of energy to the activity of the rest of the cell. Cells can store ATP via two pathways. The first is through the glycolysis (breakdown of glucose) which generates ATP for oxidative metabolism, and the second is via the citric acid cycle and its intermediates, which produce more ATP for respiration and lactate production.

As of April 2016, this ratio may differ widely depending upon how energy-demanding an ATP-requiring process is.

What is NAD+?

NAD+ is a metabolic byproduct created during the glycolysis process. NAD+ is also synthesized in some cells and can be used to synthesize a variety of other molecules (like adenosine).

What are the different types of exercise?

Exercise is a variety of aerobic and non-aerobic activity in which power output is an important component. Some of the common types of exercise include weight lifting, sprinting, running, cycling, swimming, yoga, and hiking.

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